Client Testimonials

  • I cannot thank you enough for the length and quality of life that your special care provided for our 12 year old Porty.

    The last 15 months of Finn’s life were active and full of joy.

    Once she started on your regimen, her lethargy and discomfort caused by her cancer, disappeared. That quality of life lasted right up to 12 hours before her peaceful passing.

    I know we all talk about hoping to enjoy a high quality of life right up to our moment of death. Finn realized that blessing.

    Thank you so much,

    Kevin M. McMahon
  • Dr Rebecca Klobuchar is an exceptionally brilliant veterinarian, healer and dedicated friend to animals as well as their owners. She is also a gifted and intuitive acupuncturist, herbalist and energy healer. She never stops educating herself, and travels the world spreading her love and compassion to animals of all walks of life. We trust her and love her unconditionally, and feel blessed to have her by our side through all phases of our pet’s lives.

    Meg Miller
  • I will never forget the first time I met Dr. K. I instantly knew she would be in my pets lives forever. She has a way of going about their needs in an intuitive way. Dr. K was a Western Medicine Veterinarian at the time I took my Sphynx cat to her. I was so happy and excited when she told me she was venturing out into Eastern Holistic Medicine. I myself was venturing into that world personally and was experiencing the tremendous life changing benefits, and I knew my special sickling Sphynx cat was going to benefit as well. Dr. K now comes to my home and treats my cats with acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, vitamins, and her ever growing knowledge of food benefits. The fact that she comes to your home is so nice because it is convenient and your pets are allowed to stay in their safe home environment and not have the stress of the “Dr. office.” I can’t say enough good things about Dr. K, she has changed my pets lives and because of her, my cat with heart disease gets to live a happier life.

    Skye Martin
  • Dr. Klobuchar’s compassion, dedication and knowledge of Western and Eastern Medicine have changed our household immensely. Her enthusiasm for a “challenge” will give even the biggest pessimist, hope and optimism.

    Layla, our golden retriever puppy, was diagnosed with a severe case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease at six months of age. To aid with her digestion and sensitive GI tract, a special homemade diet was prescribed for Layla by a Nutritional Veterinarian. Although this assisted in her overall health, her behavioral issues continued in part due Layla’s “Western” medications. Our Nutritional Veterinarian saved us by referring Layla to Dr. Klobuchar. This began Layla’s path to “golden puppy” transformation.

    Dr. Klobuchar has treated Layla for the past 16 months with acupuncture, herbs and essential oils. This treatment has enabled us to reduce the dosage and/or eliminate several traditional medications. She has worked in concert with Layla’s General Practitioner & Internal Medicine Veterinarians.

    The change in our “golden puppy” is significant. We knew it wasn’t our imagination when a family member visiting asked if we had “gotten another dog”. Dr. Klobuchar has made a tremendous difference in Layla’s life, first and foremost, but ours also. The fact that she comes to our home puts Layla at ease too. We have had some of the best “Western” Medicine Veterinarians treat Layla, but the outcome has been further enhanced with Dr. Klobuchar’s treatment protocol. Once again, we attribute it to her compassion, dedication, expertise and knowledge. She is a true “Healer” in every sense of the word and we feel extremely fortunate to have Dr. Klobuchar in our lives.

    J & D French
  • Dr. Rebecca Klobuchar has been our vet for more than a decade. She has helped our pets stay healthy and strong (our cats are 16 and 19) and provided platinum level care when they were ill. She helped our beloved Border Collie mix pass peacefully and painlessly to Rainbow Bridge 5 years ago, and her sensitivity and care during and after this heartbreaking time in our lives was incomparable.

    Because she is mobile and comes to the house to see our pets, our cats, who despise car rides and visits to the vet, have positive associations with examinations and are not traumatized because they are in their own territory. While she is equally amazing with cats and dogs, she is the greatest cat wrangler I know. She is gentle and intuitive when handling our otherwise mellow tabby, who goes nuclear when examined.

    We love that she is strong in both Western and Eastern medicine, and that our pets can now enjoy the same amazing results as our family has from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy work, and essential oils. While Western medicine is a godsend, I know from experience that it sadly cannot address every health issue successfully. Since Dr. Klobuchar is fluent in both traditions, she provides a much broader array of treatment options for your pets. And, when administered by a skilled practitioner, can be miraculous.

    We respect and adore Dr. Klobuchar, and see her as part of our family. While we have had the good fortune to have worked with many good vets over the years, once we met her, we knew she was our vet for life.

    I strongly encourage anyone who is hesitant or skeptical to put the proverbial toe in the water and make an appointment. You will be amazed and grateful, as we continually are, to have such a kind, intuitive, sensitive, and very gifted healer in your lives.

    Lori Goldman
  • Dr. Klobuchar is a true gem in the world of animals and the connection to their owners. She ties together her expertise of Eastern and Western medicine in a way that is not only reasurring, but fascinating.

    My anxious Bernese Mountain Dog, Olive, was a sight to be seen during and after her acupuncture treatments. From the boundless energy and belly bumps that would greet Dr. Klobuchar at the door to the calm, happy head on her lap; Olive loved her anxiety treatments (and so did I!). It was fascinating to learn about acupunture and watch how powerful it truly can be.

    When Olive became ill, Dr. Klobuchar referred us to a specialist to help diagnose the specific troubles. Once we understood the gravity of her illness, Dr. Klobuchar not only helped me understand my choices, but supported my decisions. Dr. Klobuchar had the patience, professionalism, knowledge and humor to walk through the steps of helping keep myself and Olive happy and feeling safe through her final days of her illness. Losing a pet is never easy, but it was a blessing to be able to be with my pet in my own home when she passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Words cannot explain the true feeling of gratitude I have for Dr. Klobuchar to make that sad time a truly meaningful and peaceful experience.

    Megan Cronin
  • I met Dr. Klobuchar through a dear friend. We had just received a devastating cancer diagnosis on our beautiful Labrador, Izzie, and were reeling from the sadness and fear of what the next few months were to hold for her. Dr. Klobuchar immediately geared into action. When she told me that the 2 months Izzie had to live could be more like a year with health and strength, we embraced her philosophy completely. And just as she predicted, following her regiment of Chinese herbs, proper diet, and supplements, our girl had 11 months of walks, rides in the cars, Mountain hikes, playdates and health. Dr. Klobuchar's intellect, knowledge, years of experience and her heart all combine to make her outstanding in every way. We are blessed to have her in our life, and our beloved pets are blessed to have her as their champion. She is one of a kind.


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