Sound & Vibration Therapy

cat receiving tuning fork therapySound and vibration therapy is an integrated approach to health and healing by blending the knowledge of Meridian energy systems, Chakras, and sound healing properties. It is a form of energy medicine that uses various types of tuning forks to balance an animal or humans energy field, resulting in pain relief, relaxation, and support for the body to self-heal.

All living creatures are sustained by life force energy which has been described as Chi in Chinese medicine and Prana in Indian Medicine. This energy which has electro-magnetic characteristics travels through Chakras and Meridian pathways inside the body and feeds all the main organs, glands and ultimately every muscle, nerve, and cell.

The word Chakra literally means a wheel. The body contains seven Chakra centers of rotating vortices of energy acting like a wheel. Their function is to feed energy from the energy fields of the aura into the Meridian system. The Meridian system is comprised of twelve principal meridians which act like distribution paths for the energy within the

body, and eight meridians which act like vessels to store the energy inside the body. The Chakra and the Meridian systems are therefore intrinsically linked in order to form a distribution network for the life force energy, and it is this complex system of energy transfer and distribution that is the focus of tuning fork therapy.

The laws governing Quantum Physics has demonstrated that everything in the Universe is made up of vibrational fields, including the body. Sound is recognized as the most important form of vibrational energy and it can cause different effects on energy fields.

Like adjusting a piano, the body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical health. By placing one or more tuning forks near a chakra point, energy center, or in direct contact with the body allowing the vibration to conduct inward, one can energize and relax the body, as well as alter an animals biochemistry and bring the nervous system, muscle tone, and organs into harmonic balance.

The use of tuning forks as a healing modality has grown extensively. Animals are very sensitive to sound and benefit from the healing properties. I often incorporate the use of the tuning forks into the acupuncture and energy medicine treatments.

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