Pet Information and Questionaire

  • Example: Large volumes at one time or smaller amounts often throughout the day?
  • If yes, please describe if it's associated with eating or a time of day and whether it is bile or food.
  • If yes, does it occur at night, in the morning, during the day, more with activity/exercise/excitement, or no specific pattern noted?
  • For example, lying on tile or hardwood floor vs carpet, sleeping under the covers , curls up in a ball, sun bathing, sits next to a fire or space heater, etc.
    For example: pacing at night, restless while sleeping, vocalizing while sleeping, twitching, paddling of legs, dreaming
    I will use the information below to help formulate an Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Food therapy treatment plan for your pet. Read through all the categories and check which constitution BEST describes your pet, knowing that they may have traits in more than one category.

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