Energy Balancing

Energetic balancing is a general term for complementary healing modalities that are based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up of and connected by energy. All living things have an their own energy field and when not in balance, can lead to disease, emotional stress, and pain.

Various energetic healing systems used by practitioners today such as healing touch, acupuncture, reiki, sound therapy, and crystals are different in their approach and techniques, but have the same underlying goal of promoting and maintaining even flow of energy throughout the body.

Energy medicine addresses problems on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level with the intention to create deep relaxation, help to accelerate healing, release emotional blockages, and alleviate pain.

During a session, the hands are placed just off the animal’s body or lightly touching the body to transmit the healing energy of the universe through the practitioners hands along energetic pathways in the animal. Pets commonly enter a state of deep relaxation and peace during a treatment. They may feel heat, tingling, or pulsing and often yawn, sigh, and fall asleep. Animals are much more sensitive than humans to energy in general. Their heightened sensitivity to the energy work allows them to receive the healing benefits and enjoyment!

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