At-home Euthanasia

at-home-euthanasiaHaving to make the decision to help your pet transition beyond life may be one of the most difficult choices. You may find yourself questioning and doubting your timing of this decision. Your hesitation means that you’ve already sensed a decline in the quality of life of your 4-legged companion, but letting go seems too painful. My commitment is to support you through this process and make your pet’s transition dignified and peaceful.

I provide a unique experience for this compassionate closure in your home. Allowing your pet to transition while in their familiar environment, provides them with a feeling of safety and comfort. To prepare your furry companion for this process, I combine the use of essential oils and energy work to promote relaxation and allow the soul to cross over quickly. The Essential oils help to prepare you for this emotional process as well.

The home visit typically lasts about an hour though I will provide as much time as you need. I recommend that other pets in the family be present as well. Animals sense when another is sick and grieve for their lost companions. Being present when the spirit leaves the physical body helps them to begin the grieving process. Many ask about children. I believe that it is important for them to have closure as well. Though it is ultimately your judgment as to whether it seems appropriate for their age and maturity.

As part of my service, I will transport the body to the crematory as well as make the arrangements for the cremation and return of the ashes if a private cremation is chosen. You may also make prearrangements for your attendance at the private cremation. If you prefer, you may deal directly with the crematory and transport the body to them or arrange to have them pick up. This service is usually available during regular business hours.

Feel free to call at any time to discuss these services in greater detail so that I can assist you in making the arrangements.

Having been in this position with my own pets, I know how difficult it is and want it to be as peaceful as possible for you and your pet.

Body Care Options

  • Cremation – Communal or private. Communal cremation refers to several animals cremated simultaneously together, therefore not allowing for the return of the ashes. A private cremation is where each animal is kept separate to allow the ashes to be returned. With private cremation, the remains are returned in a complementary¬†wooden box urn. Or, you may choose to purchase a different urn in advance or select one from the crematory web site.
  • Burial – private or at a pet cemetery. I can provide information for area pet cemeteries with whom you can make arrangements. You may also choose to bury your pet at home, but please check with your local county or municipality to make sure that it is allowed.


A clay paw print can be made to remember you furry loved one.

Example of a clay dog paw print.
Example of a clay paw print.

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