At Home Euthanasia Fee Schedule

There are two fees for the compassionate closure at your home. The house call and the cremation. Choose between private vs communal cremation. If you choose to handle the body care yourself such as burial the only fee would be the house call.

At Home Euthanasia House Call – $300

  • I handle all body care, transport, and delivery of ashes back to you

Cremation Options – Communal or Private Cremation

Communal cremation includes:

  • Ashes are not returned
  • Clay paw print
  • Fee: $145

Private Cremation includes:

  • Ashes returned
  • Wooden body urn
  • Clay paw print
  • Fees based on body weight:
    • Pet weight <41 lbs:       $225
    • Pet weight  41-80 lbs:  $250
    • Pet weight  81-120 lbs: $275
    • Pet weight >120 lbs:      $300


If your pets transitions naturally at home and you need help with the body. I will pick up the body, transport to the pet crematory, and deliver ashes back to you. Cremation fee additional based on fee schedule above. Clay paw print and wooden body urn included in cremation fees.

****Payment options: Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Am. Express****

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