About Me

Zen Pet is about balance.  After practicing Western Medicine for over a decade I began exploring holistic therapies in an effort to provide pets with additional healing options when traditional treatments were unsuccessful.  The holistic and intuitive treatment modalities I use approach your pets health from the physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects.

Services I provide are rooted in Energy balancing and Chinese Medicine.  Specifically herbal therapy, Acupuncture, Sound therapy, diet counseling as well as whole food supplements, Tui-Na, Healing Touch for Animals,  and Aromatherapy/essential oils.   I work with a foundation in science and on an intuitive level.

After the passing of my Mom, a best friend, then shortly thereafter experiencing a Near Death Experience I found my life on a new path. One of intuitive healing. Once you’ve experienced the other side your mind is opened and heightened with a new perspective.  We are all here for a purpose and when we work with pure intention and unconditional love we provide the care that is intended.  I continue to work and grow my gifts for the benefit of your pet.

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